Zendesk Training and Consulting

Are you new to Zendesk? Do you need any help and holding? Don’t panic, we can help you in guiding and enhancing your Zendesk experience.

We talk to you, train your support staff how to use Zendesk effectively, set up workflows and smooth transition of your data and system in a way that works for you. Our array of services can help you in giving seamless customer experience with the listing of things as mentioned below:

  • Setup and configuration of Zendesk.
  • Help center and knowledge base setup:  That includes theme integration and basic training on how to deal with Zendesk while authoring contents.
  • Training of Admin and Agents:  Training that includes how to use Zendesk to get more out of it.
  • Automation and Process setup: Setting up automatic workflow, macros, and process to enhance your customer support mechanism.
  • SSO and Channels integration: From SSO integration to integration of various channels (like Facebook, twitter etc.) we can help you in setting up.
  • 3rd party App integration and development: From public to privately host, we can help you in creating and Integration of 3rd party apps for your Zendesk Help center.
  • CRM integration: We can help you in migrating your Data from 3rd party CRM application by doing development around it.
  • Consulting: Want to set up Zendesk yourself but have questions about tickets, the Help Center and best practices?
    • Zendesk assessment and recommendations to optimize workflows.
    • Best practices guide for Zendesk.
    • Evaluation of support requests, ticket metrics, and workflow
    • Recommendations to reduce response time and resolution times
    • Training for Zendesk administrator and staff

If you have any queries, please reach us out at [email protected] or Contact us.


Zendesk Training Packages

Already have Zendesk setup and running but would like to make sure your agents are up to speed?



Zendesk Help Center (Guides) Basics

  • Introduction to Zendesk and its features
  • Understacenterp center user roles
  • Learning about organization and groups
  • Understand basics of ticket handling, internal communication within team, tags, searching etc within Zendesk
  • About Zendesk security and best practices
  • Getting familiar with Help center/Knowledgebase
  • Learn basics of how to manage help center contents 


2 USD 150  

Zendesk Help Center (Guides) Customization

  • Learn basics of HTML, CSS, and JS to customize the Help Centre Themes
  • Practically learn how to customize the Help center theme using HTML, CSS, and JS
  • Learn how to add your own HTML and CSS code on the existing theme setup without breaking it
  • How to deal with HTML and CSS of different templates and their components
  • How to add/updates fonts and color scheme in the Help center themes
  • How to deal with custom header and footer in the Zendesk themes
  • How to do formatting based on different context 



 USD 150  

Zendesk Support Business rules, Automation, and Triggers 

  • Creating ticket handling shortcuts with macros
  • Organising macros 
  • Streamlining workflow with tickets updates and triggers
  • Streamlining workflow with time-based events and automation
  • How to use Zendesk placeholders and tags
  • Filtering business rules
  • Get familiar with targets and notifications
  • Setting business rules and scheduling
4 USD 250  

Zendesk Support Understand Reporting

  • Zendesk reports for getting started.
  • Monitoring ticket activity and agent performance using reports.
  • Create, export, edit, clone, and delete reports.
  • Using customer satisfaction ratings and reports. 
2 USD 150  

Zendesk Support Creating Reports in Insights


4 USD 250  

Administering Zendesk Support

  • Help Center (Guides) Basics
  • User management
  • Tickets and channels
  • Streamlining the Zendesk workflows using automation, macros, triggers and business rules
  • Views, reporting, and performance
  • Configuring and using your support channels (Emails, Facebook, Twitter etc)
  • Understand multiple language setups for Zendesk
  • Understanding multi brands (Zendesk Enterprise)


8 USD 400  

Zendesk Support Agent Training

  • HelpDesk Basics.
  • Managing profile and end-users.
  • Managing tickets and its workflows.
  • Using views to manage your tickets
  • Understanding importance of macros and how to use it.
  • How to use Zendesk chat for providing live chat 
  • Taking/Receiving inbound/outbound calls using Zendesk Voice
  • Manage community forums and post
6 USD 300  

The courses above are performed online. Please contact us for details (pricing, question, booking).