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Popular Questions

Is your Zendesk® Theme seo-friendly?
Yes we have made our best effort to make themes SEO friendly by using semantic markup, and valid standard code. However, there’s always more to improve because content is the king when it comes to search-engines, and user-enagement.
Which payment methods or gateways are currently supported?
We currently support Paypal, a commonly used method for online payments. Secure and trusted. In future, we would add support to PayUMoney, and other gateways which works at places (such as India) where PayPal doesn’t. If you are from India or countries (where PayPal doesn’t work), please get in touch ([email protected]), and we would work out a way to get our premium Zendesk® Themes in your hands.
Do I receive standard html/css/javascript files along my purchase?
Yes. We provide two different set of files:
  • Standard HTML, CSS, Javascript files for themes (you can run in browser and preview themes).
  • Zendesk® Deployment Files which can be uploaded to Zendesk® Help Center, and used.
All static assets (png, jpg, js, css) are optimized for web. We have taken care of that.
Do you have membership or annual subscription options?
At present, we don’t have that. However, we understand content writers, and web agencies can benefit from a membership or subscription options where they get access to all themes at a flat annual price. We have that in mind, and we are working on it.
Please subscribe to our newsletter, and we would keep you posted.
You can always get in touch with us ([email protected]) to discuss your requirements (bulk licensing, or unlimited usage of themes for your client projects, and so on).
If I buy themes in bulk, can i receive a discount?
Yes, please get in touch with us ([email protected]).
If I lose my theme files, is there a way to retrieve that?
Yes. You can download the file from your account section on diziana.com, or you can send your order-id or invoice-id to us ([email protected]), and we would send you the files.
Do you have tutorials for customizing or integrating your theme?
We are working on Video tutorial, and also on improving our documentation. Hopefully, very soon it would be ready, and with help of that even content writers or designers can download and integrate themes with Zendesk® Help Center.
Do you offer free support or do i have to purchase a support plan?
Please feel free to contact us ([email protected]), and we would help you. If you want dedicated support, we recommend you purchase one while buying the theme.
Where do I host my theme?
On the Zendesk® Help Center. You need a license, and right plan to use Custom Theme with your Zendesk® Help Center. We can help you getting you Zendesk® license, please feel free to contact us ([email protected]).
Do you offer a free trial for your themes?
You can use one of our free themes before you plan to buy a premium ones. That should give you good idea. You can always get in touch with us ([email protected]) for any questions or information.
Can I use your theme for multiple sites (Zendesk® Guide Help Centers)?
Yes, you can if you have bought separate licenses for each site.
Can I use the theme with the Zendesk® hub-spoke approach or multi-branding?
Yes you can as long as it’s recognized by Zendesk® as part of the same company.
Can I integrate the theme myself?
Sure you can. However, if you need any help, we can integrate that for you. All premium themes come with free integration service. If you are using our free themes, you can buy integration services.
How long does it take to integrate a theme?
For an empty Help Center, it takes just less than 30 minutes. To integrate a custom theme with existing content, it’s more involved process and depends on the architecture and selected template.
How long will it take you to add my branding to my theme?
Typically, it takes 7-15 working days (excluding time lost waiting for information or feedback from you) after the specification (based on your inputs and our research) has been defined, and project start date has been confirmed.
How do you do branding, and deploy help-center?
Once we have defined the specification based on your inputs and our research, we start the work in your Zendesk Sandbox, if you don't have one then in ours; we come up with first version of implementation in a week's time, and request you to review. We iterate until we get everything (UI/UX) right, and then we get it deployed to your production (in draft mode -- only managers or agents can see new design). We set up new Help Center design, and test it with existing content; once you sign off everything as good, we request you to allow us to publish design for your end-users.
Can I use the theme design for other marketing material?
Please contact us if you wish to do so as the license is specifically for Zendesk®. We can be flexible depending on your needs.
How do i receive my theme?
Once you have completed the purchase, you can download the theme files from your account section on https://www.diziana.com/account.
Can I add videos to my theme?
Yes, you can. Using the same features in the Zendesk® Guide Help Center.
Do the theme support non-english characters?
Yes they do. The same as in the Zendesk® Guide Help Center.