Diziana offers various free and premium themes and plugins for Zendesk® Guide Help Center. Most companies/organisations often want to change look and feel of Zendesk® Guide Help Center to match with their brand (company website, or branding guidelines). Diziana provides instructions to change and customize Themes, and you can do it by yourself if you have time and skills (html, css, javascript, zendesk help-center customization basics,etc.).

We believe, it is always cost effective and faster if you take our (Diziana's) help in branding your Zendesk® Guide Help Center. Diziana changes one of it's themes to match with your brand. We change theme as per your branding guidelines for colors, typography, etc.

We also offer consultancy to help you define your requirements.

When purchasing a theme, please select the Branding options you require, and specify if you want a Diziana expert to contact you.

Below is an example of a theme that has been branded differently.

Branding and Customizations
Branding Option

We have very refined process (that has worked for hundreds of customers over the years) to brand your help-center. Briefly, it is: