Theme Integration in Zendesk® Guide Help Center

Once you have purchased (and branded) your theme, you are ready to integrate this into Zendesk®.

To integrate it yourself, refer to our Help Center. Essentially, you need to extract the Zip file you received, and copy the relevant files to the HTML, CSS, JS and additional files into the relevant place in your Zendesk® Help Center.

Additionally, we can help you with theme installation, branding and customization. Please look at our pricing page to understand different packages/plans. We would understand your requirements, and then take care of everything (installation, branding, etc.).

If you prefer to do installation/changes by yourself, you would need some skills (html, css, javascript, understanding of Zendesk® Guide help-center customization and various templates there); without those skills, you might find it harder to pinpoint any issues that occur during implementation such as bad links.

When purchasing a theme, select Integration. Specify if you want a Diziana expert to contact you.

Integration-options Into an Empty Help Center On Zendesk® Into a Help Center With Existing Content on Zendesk®

BYOD - Bring Your Own Design to your Zendesk® Guide Help Center

We would change on of our themes to match with your design, and provide you license of changed theme. The process is same as described above with only difference that BYOD requires a custom from us.

Advanced Customization, Development and Integration

Beyond Theme Branding, BYOD and Integration, we have helped hundreds of customers with following: