Diziana®: Zendesk's recommended and authorized Help Center (Guide) Design, Theming & Implementation Partner

Diziana implements Figma's and Cloudflare's Zendesk Help Center Theme.

We are happy to announce that some of our recent work has gone live.

We recently helped Figma and Cloudflare with their Zendesk Help Center Theme.

You can visit following links to see help-centers:


We converted Figma's design mock-ups for their own help-center into a fully functional Zendesk Help Center Theme under our BYOD service.

We designed Cloudflare Help Center theme from scratch, and converted that to a fully functional help center.

We are thankful to Figma and Cloudflare for providing this opportunity to implement their help center themes. It's indeed a proud moment for entire team to see both of these help-centers live.



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