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Zendesk Help Center Upgrade Service

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Regular price $150.00

We will upgrade your Zendesk Guide Help Center theme to work with new Zendesk Guide theming experience.

Zendesk made significant changes in Guide help-center theming experience in November 2017, and the upgrade has been optional (a choice left to customers) so far.  

Zendesk has announced end of life for earlier version of Guide theming experience.

Zendesk Guide Help Centers using old/legacy theming experience needs to be upgraded to new experience by or before June 12, 2018. Otherwise Zendesk will try to automatically upgrade if your theme complies to new guidelines/limits. 

The automatic upgrade won’t take care of features that relied on old methods of access assets and using those icons. Zendesk has changed the way assets are stored, and accessed.

Does it affect your Help Center?

It depends:

  • Are using a custom theme?
  • Does your custom theme use assets as icons/images for categories/section?
  • Do you have assets that might not comply with new limits?
  • Have you received an email from Zendesk suggesting a number of problematic assets?

Please reach out to us so we can analyse if your live theme needs upgrade or you received email from Zendesk with respect to a theme that you don’t use but it has been in your legacy help center admin. 

If your help-center requires manual upgrade, we will let you know which tier (package) you need to buy depending on complexity of the work.