Diziana®: Zendesk's recommended and authorized Help Center (Guide) Design, Theming & Implementation Partner

Diziana Process for Zendesk Help Center Branding and Customization

We have very refined process (that has worked for hundreds of customers over the years) to brand your help-center. Briefly, it is:

  1. Once you choose a theme (and purchase Branding Service)
  2. We contact you, and capture your requirements, and provide detailed scope of work up-front
  3. Begin work in Zendesk Sandbox (yours or ours)
  4. Request you to review
  5. Incorporate your feedback
  6. Iterate #4 and #5
  7. Get Design (in sandbox) signed off
  8. Deploy in production Help Center as a Custom Theme in Draft Mode
  9. Test New Zendesk® Guide Help Center design with content (categories, sections, articles, etc.)
  10. Request you to review
  11. Incorporate your feedback
  12. Iterate #10 and #11
  13. Get Design (in production -- draft mode) signed off
  14. Get permission to publish New Help Center Theme
  15. Publish New Help Center Theme
  16. Test and Review
  17. Get Project Signed off
  18. Always around to provide support (90 days  free support to fix bugs in our code, AMC plans, or per incident)