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Diziana's Zendesk Help Center Branding Service

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Regular price $500.00

Diziana will update one of Diziana themes (purchased separately) to match with your branding guidelines by doing following tasks.

  • Branding

    • Implement your logo and favicon (images to be provided by you)
    • Change Color Scheme (up to 5 colors - provided by you or we will figure out from your website/branding-guidelines-document)
    • Change Icons (up to 10 - let you pick from Diziana's library or you can provide your own)
    • Change Banner/Hero Image on Homepage and Community Page (images to be provided by you)
    • Change Help Center Header & Footer links/colors/images (list of link-text/link-urls, colors and images to be provided by you)
  • Installation and Integration

    • Installation (sandbox, or production): Deploying (branded/customized) theme(templates) to your Zendesk Guide Help Center.
    • Content Migration: Import of 20 articles (from individual docx file for each article), and reformatting of 20 articles in your Zendesk Guide, if required.
  • Support

    • Ninety (90) days via email for fixing issues in Diziana's work
    • Access to Diziana's Zendesk Help Center
  • Process

    •  Once order is placed, Diziana will reach out to you the contact who ordered, and request information (branding requirements, help-center access, etc.).
    • Diziana will create scope of work before starting a project, and highlight any request/requirement that is not part of this branding-service, and require you to accept extra charges, if any, to execute such items.
    • Diziana will provide a start-date along with overall expected ETA after reviewing information provided by you.