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Diziana Zendesk Theme - Out of box settings (and Zendesk's survey)

Zendesk is doing a survey asking guide help-center customers to provide their opinions about theming experience, and how that can be improved. Please participate in it so Zendesk can make theming experience better.

The new Zendesk Guide Theming Experience came up with settings for themes. Theme authors can expose various settings to allow easy customization of themes.

Of course, this new theming experience is better than earlier version (prior to Nov 2017), however, there are still some challenges which theme authors (such as us - Diziana) have to tackle. For example:

  1. Mapping of icons/images with categories and sections
  2. Handling multiple language strings/text configurable via settings panel
  3. Toggling built-in or custom UI components (static block on homepage, sidebar, etc.)
  4. Custom fonts (as required by brand guidelines of companies)
  5. and many other.

Diziana has come up with solutions or workarounds for years, and some of those ideas (and approaches) were seen to become official features in Zendesk.

We think: Our CSH (Context Sensitive Widget) plugin did what Zendesk embeddables (zE) does, even much before zE was launched. We built a smart search for Zendesk help-centers before Zendesk launched a built-in one. Diziana created various dynamic sidebars (multilevel menu) plugins that worked across all pages before anyone else did; and many more things.We have innovated, and disrupted; we will keep on doing that.


Diziana Zendesk Themes expose setting for easier configuration and customization of themes by guide admins.

We have also attempted to help Zendesk Guide Lite users to use our theme with as much features as they can.

Most of our themes can be used by Zendesk Guide Lite users, the only thing they can't do is have full header/footer with list of links that require code editing.

In our experience, most of Zendesk Help Center don't require extended header/footer.

We are sharing some screenshots of some settings exposed by one of our themes. You can always download free themes to get first hand experience.

A portion of one of our themes:

Diziana Zendesk Theme Example

We will now show how icons and a few other things were configured using Theme's settings.

Theme Settings:

Diziana Zendesk Theme Settings Panel


Setting to show/hide static and dynamic block rows:

Diziana Zendesk Guide Theme Settings - Example


Setting to set default search placeholder text, and welcome text. You can also put in a dynamic content placeholder (name), and themes will display search placeholder text in the language of user (provided there is corresponding DC available):

Diziana Zendesk Theme Settings for Search Placeholder and Welcome Message text


Setting for one of the static blocks. An image can be used, or a font-awesome icon can be used; of course there are more options to set label, description and more (with option to access dynamic-content placeholder as option).

Diziana Zendesk Theme Settings Example

Diziana Zendesk Theme Settings Example


There are many settings (vary across themes -- except the common settings); there is setting to enable minimal/full header/footer:

Diziana Zendesk Theme Settings for header and footer.

Please feel free to get in touch with us, we are always happy to answer your questions, and provide any information about Zendesk Guide Help Center, Themes, and other products.


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