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Why Branding and Theming Zendesk Guide Help Center is Important?

Organizations globally have been trying to find different ways to keep customers happy and loyal; and customers expect fast and reliable information (or answer to their questions about products/services).

In recent years, the self-service solution has gained a lot of popularity. Zendesk Guide is a self-service solution which provides features to help organizations define knowledge base structure, collaboration between content creators, segment users (internal or external), and most importantly present the entire knowledge base in form of a browseable website (help center). The recent launch of Zendesk Guide Enterprise has added some more useful tools to arsenal.

Zendesk Guide has helped:

  • organizations reduce (up to 94%) support costs
    • increases ticket deflection rates
    • empowers support agents, and increases their efficiency
  • customers feel satisfied and happier by having instant access to reliable information (or answer to their questions)

We have now established that Zendesk Guide is useful for organizations or businesses of any size.

To make Zendesk Guide a cornerstone of self-service, and get most out of it, a company should consider customizing its help-center theme for two main reasons:

The first is brand consistency. It’s important that users recognize the company’s brand and associate the self-service options they’re seeing with it. Providing high quality self-service options make the brand more trustworthy and dependable. And ultimately, brand visibility and marketing improve.

The second is an improved user-experience and usability. Different companies have different products and services, hence each knowledge-base might require different presentation style (layouts, navigation, menus, etc.) to allows customers find relevant and reliable information easily. Branded self-service also offers seamless integration with other services (in-house, hosted, and third-party).

Zendesk Help Center customization process is technically simple.

A company might use it's own team to implement help-center though it comes at lot more cost than taking help of an external team; following is a small list of pros and cons.

Internal team:
  • might take longer time learning details of Zendesk customization
  • would have to stop their work on actual products/services unless it's a dedicated IT software development
  • is not accessible at later date because team (or member who implemented help-center) has moved on (to another team, project, or company)
  • should spend their time on tasks they’re better suited to handle

External team:

  • specializes in implementing help-center
  • has years of experience from helping hundreds of organizations
  • knows what's happening in Zendesk ecosystem, i.e. has access to latest technology, tools and processes
  • ca deliver faster and at very low cost
  • can provide consultantancy and recommendations to help improve help-center implementation
  • is accessible when needed

Diziana has implemented Zendesk help-centers for hundreds of companies during last couple of years. Most of these companies have their own IT or Software development teams but they prefer Diziana for any work related to Zendesk help-centers. These companies know that their team's time may be better spent on tasks they’re better suited to handle.


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