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Multilevel Menu Plugin

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Add a navigational menu to your Zendesk Help Center pages, and enable your users to navigate through your content easily without too many clicks and taps. Multilevel Menu plugin enhances the user-experience and usability of Help Center.

Multilevel Menu plugin automatically takes your Categories and Sections and Articles organizes them according to the order in “Arrange Content”.

Multilevel Menu appears in sidebar (left or right -- fixed or floating) and displays all categories, sections, and articles (up to 30) under each section; user can see current category, section and article that is being shown.

Multilevel Menu works on category, section and article pages (templates). Multilevel Menu leverages Zendesk Help Center API, hence it uses various caching strategies to reduce the number of API requests within a session (or across sessions).

Multilevel Menu comes with a JavaScript API, and extensive usage documentation to allow easy configuration and customization.

Please feel contact us to ask any questions, or for advanced customization and modification.